As a young boy from Tacloban City, Philippines, designer and illustrator Dan Matutina attended school with a background in science and engineering and enjoyed watching cartoons like ThunderCats, G.I. Joe and Transformers on local TV stations. Interestingly, attending an art school never really crossed his mind until his senior year in high school. Growing up […]

It’s a dream job that’s probably easier dreamt up than done – throwing unique parties and festivals while making music and DJing for a living. Australian-based events organiser, DJ and producer Jerry Poon has done both with flourish, dreaming up award-nominated festivals and parties that have garnered a cult following while also managing his own […]

Growing up in a family where art and photography played a huge part in her everyday life, Renee Stamatis loved the smell of paints and brushes that were often found lying around the house. As much as she has enjoyed drawing and painting, her devotion was not absolute, until she found photography. The Melbourne-based photographer/artist […]

The noise of Hanoi city can be to some ceaseless, incessant and tiresome, but to classically trained composer Vu Nhat Tan, it’s a never-ending opus. The 44-year-old Vietnamese musician has spent his life fusing classical music with ambient noise and sounds from field recordings to create a series of sometimes serene and, most times, frenetic […]