Iranian artist and designer Hasan Novrozi’s metal work is unlike any other and fuses together an eclectic blend of beast and machine.

Novrozi’s collection showcases a range of large steampunk animal sculptures made out of various parts and scrap metal heavily welded together. His sculptures also include automotive parts and metal tools; all painstakingly assembled to create creatures that appear to come to life with emotion.

at work

at work2




His ability to capture each animal in vivid detail is extraordinary and reminds us of the life-like animal sculptures by Russian artist Igor Verniy. In addition to his epic Pegasus sculpture he boasts an array of other metal animals, which are as equally stunning.




goat and bull



And Novrozi doesn’t stop at all things metal, producing incredibly detailed clay animals much akin to the life-like clayworks by Ellen Jewett and Nick Mackman. For his full range of works, check out the designer’s Facebook page.

Images sourced and text referenced from boredpanda, deMilked and the designer’s Facebook page.

Christian Russell Teo
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