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It’s a crazy world out there, and no one expresses that better than animator Nicolas Fong, who creates trippy gifs that threaten to suck you into a swirling whirlpool of psychedelia.

His works, displayed on his Tumblr page aptly named “Those visions have no end”, come in the form of animated gifs in endless loops, whether as quirky patterns that spiral ceaselessly into a black abyss, or cartoonish characters in varying expressions of anguish.

At first glance, the swirling gifs, with their dark undertones and intricate illustrations, might draw more intrigue, but a closer look at his works evokes a deeper fascination with his curious cartoon characters.

You see, some of them are created from characters from his short animated films. Take for instance, a series of four gifs stems from his video childhood.

The video description, which says “Bullying is traumatic, or not.” is all you need to capture the gist of the gifs.

childhood from Nicolas Fong on Vimeo.

Contented_Nicolas Fong_Bullying 4

Contented_Nicolas Fong_Bullying 3

Contented_Nicolas Fong_Bullying 2

Contented_Nicolas Fong_Bullying 1

Nicolas Fong also creates animated music videos that are as beautiful as they are disturbing.

View more of his works below or head over to his Tumblr page for more psychedelic videos and animated gifs.

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Images sourced and text referenced from Hi-Fructose and Booooooom.

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