Challenging her dislike of reading the newspaper, illustrator Ankita Shinde aims to read at least a story or two daily in her project I Doodle On Newspapers (IDON)Her idea is simple enough – to just doodle on any story that catches her eye, which will hopefully help her to focus on the story at hand.

Kim Kardashian, 27th Jan 2015, The Times of India
The secret to Adelle’s gamorous updo (sic), 2nd March 2014

So far, Ankita says that the project has helped her become more aware of the events happening in society. After turning the plain newspaper images into coloruful icons, Ankita animates it and uploads them to her website, making for a much better read of the day’s stories.

Sharapova, 3rd June 2014
Naseeruddin Shah, 5th Sept 2014


R.K. Laxman, 30th Jan 2015

We hope Ankita won’t stop reading the newspaper, because we thoroughly enjoy her doodles!   Text referenced from Masala Chai. Gifs from Ankita’s IDON.

Alyssa Woo
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