You could be forgiven for thinking Yoshitoshi Kanemaki’s bizarre wooden sculptures, which feature mashed up humans and skeletons, a little creepy, but make no mistake; there is some method to his seemingly insane works of art.

For instance, one of his more notable works, fondly christened Tayuta Caprice (above), may just look like a spine-chilling 12-headed girl with an eerily angelic face – or faces, for that matter – that stand in stark contrast to her, well, 12 heads. But Kanemaki isn’t just trying to freak you out.

Instead, Tayuta Caplice is a commentary on anti-ageing; the quest for eternal youth and beauty. Her stance, a hesitant, wavering demeanour magnified by her hand clasped behind her back, conjures up a sense of uncertainty, as if the sculpture has a secret – a hidden thought or emotion perhaps – hidden within her delicate hands.

Similarly, his other works evoke plenty of thought and emotion – as art often does. Add to that the artful craftsmanship and techniques that go into each and every piece, and you can’t help but feel lost in awe at his wooden sculptures.

Each sculpture is created out of a log, and it’s pretty impressive if you think about how a single log can transform into such intricate, albeit creepy, sculptures under the chisel and saw of Yoshitoshi Kanemaki.

He often shows off his works in progress on his Facebook page so head on there for more info, particularly on Tayuta Caprice!

タユタ・カプリス 〈TAYUTA・Caprice〉 by Yoshitoshi Kanemaki
Yoshitoshi Kanemaki
Yoshitoshi Kanemaki
Yoshitoshi Kanemaki
Yoshitoshi Kanemaki
Yoshitoshi Kanemaki
Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

Images sourced and text referenced from Kanemaki’s Facebook Page, BehanceBored Panda and Juxtapoz.

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