Ebola is bad enough, now another big blow

Sierra Leone is a country of six million people, but only one doctor there — 39-year-old Sheik Humarr Khan — specialised in treating hemorrhagic fevers like Ebola. Since March, 700 people have died from the Ebola outbreak in neighbouring Guinea. The fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone has taken a turn for the worse after Dr. Khan succumbed to the virus despite taking necessary precautions.

Drifting amid a civil war

As the security situation in the rest of Iraq deteriorates and Sunni militants eye the capital, hundreds of young Iraqi men gather to watch souped up cars intentionally spin out and skid: a dangerous sport called “drifting”. Guess entertainment and near-death automobile experiences help take the stress off a civil war away.
Global Post

World’s best cities

Thailand’s recent political troubles may have worked in Japan’s favor when it came to this year’s Travel + Leisure awards, with Kyoto knocking Bangkok off its spot at the top of the magazine’s world’s best cities list. The other Asian city that made the list made up of Rome, New Orleans, Istanbul and Mexico was Siem Reap, in Cambodia. Temples rock, and so does fish amok.

Movie sound effects courtesy of outer space

Space music fit for a Stephen King book-movie adaptation. Due to the virtual vacuum in space, it’s not sound like you and I experience it (that being waves pulsing through the air), but there are electromagnetic waves that pulsate at the same wavelength as the sound waves we can hear. Terrifyingly beautiful.
The Daily Epic

Gen Y was nyah, but Gen Z, whoa!

Research, though still in beta, points to the emergence of a stellar generation known as Generation Z born after 1995 and are now under 18: educated, industrious, collaborative and eager to build a better planet. It’s a refreshing change dealing with the brats from the last generation (Gen Y), who were known for being tolerant but also overconfident, narcissistic and entitled. #problems, yo!

The secret call of penguins

African penguins communicate feelings such as hunger, anger and loneliness through six distinctive vocal calls, according to scientists who have observed the birds’ behaviour in captivity. Important information for Batman and Robin dealing with their waddling nemesis.
The Guardian

Should Reddit “sell out”?

Since its founding nine years ago, Reddit has stuck to its own weird guns. The site, where users find, share and talk about web links and photos, has been faithful to an antiquated design and still looks like an online message board plucked from the 1990s. Unlike many other Internet start-ups, Reddit has never fully embraced the dominant business model of selling advertising to support its free service.

But that is about to change
New York Times

And 2014’s Comic Con music video is up!

Last year’s cosplay music video from the 2013 edition of Comic Con was dazzling. Photographer SneakyZebra has returned a year later with another great music video showcasing some of the best cosplayers he came across at San Diego Comic Con International 2014.
Slash Film

Man’s complicated relationship with sharks

For his book Sharks and People, National Geographic photographer and marine biologist Thomas Peschak examines the behaviors and condition of the great fish, honing in on the nuances of the widely misunderstood animals. As many shark populations continue to decline a disturbing rate, these magical underwater images capture marine moments that might soon be lost forever, unless we take steps to protect these majestic creatures. We spoke to Peschek about the project
Feature Shoot

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