A LITTLE LOUDER, NO? Vocalist Brittany, and bassist Aaron of Deadtown Trash. David Crimaldi

I’m from New Jersey and can’t handle vulgarity early in the morning.

Well, that’s not totally fucking true. Anyway….

Is it ever too early in the morning for Deadtown Trash?

The jury is out as I am till recovering from a night listening to DT, but you can be the judge.

The Trash have been on hiatus for several weeks now but have rolled out a new video for “Fukk U Up”. The video was shot on location in Bangkok by indie filmmaker, Richard Chambers, director of a Bangkok noir/ mystery, “The Shadow Sea”, a film which also features Steve, Aaron, and Keith in minor roles.

Well, WORD UP, because I’ve watched the video at least five times now.

Fantastic direction by Mr. Chambers – it’s not easy capturing the energy of rock and roll nuclear bomb, but I think he nailed it. Deadtown Trash show promise with music that will put hair on your knuckles – I am looking forward to a debut album.

Hey, maybe they’ll even release it on vinyl?

The Next Great Film Noir? The Shadow Sea by Richard Chambers. Read about the director’s film noir shot completely guerrilla style on zero budget here.

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