Liquid burgers, a motel full of freaking clowns, shitty holidays and some very poignant stories about history and social awareness.

Here’s a look back at the things we read this week in this end-of-week update of news, features and other odd stuff from around the internet world.

Because reading is fun.

“Eat” your liquid burger with a bacon straw

“Liquid diet” has a new meaning, and so does “chew your food”. Thats right, burgers can now be “eaten” via slurping them patty juices up from a bacon straw made. Gross? Maybe not.

Gender swap with Oculus Rift

After broken eggs and spilled milk with Oculus Rift Real-time lag experiment, they’ve moved on to attempt gender swapping. Ever wondered what it feels like to be in the body of an opposite gender? Watch the video here.

Child prostitution in South Sudan Slumps

Economics of child sex prostitution is nothing new. In South Sudan, girls as young as 14 go into prostitution to survive. With the standstill in the South Sudanese government, little can be done to salvage the situation. Read the story about a good samaritan and her effort to help them.
Al Jazeera

Airbnb invites you to sleep in a cage

For US$1 a night, this Airbnb ad is seeking for prisoners willing to be confined in a like-size cage. “A psychological NYC experience”, and a “digital detox” because you’re not allowed to sleep, exercise, or meditate, or do any other shit that involves the internet while in that stipulated period of time. Sounds like our kind of gadget-, new-age-nonsense-, and frills-free holiday.

Stay in a motel full of clowns that’s next to a cemetery. Nice!

Are you coulrophobic, meaning, to say do clowns scare the shit out of you? If yes, good. Read on. This motel in Nevada is packed with stuffed clowns and the best part of it is that it’s located right next to a cemetery. And yes, they allow pets. How considerate.
Dangerous Minds

No longer Santa’s little (slave) helper

“If You Don’t Behave, Black Pete Will Get You.” Zwarte Piet (“Black Pete”) is known to be Santa’s diabolical sidekick in the Netherlands. However, Europe’s oddest and most titillating Christmas traditions might be put to and end. Duh. It’s racist. Black Pete is said to be replaced by The Smurfs? Read on to find out more.

These women saved themselves from forces marriages by taking a vow

“Self-combed woman”, or zishunü, are women who choose to leave their parents’ home to work without marrying. This custom dates back to the early 19th century in parts of southern Guangdong. Follow the life of Liang, the 85 year-old, one of the few remaining zishunü who took the vow. She feels no envy for the women today and their unimaginable choices.
The Guardian

Wearing Cheese Fondue on your feet

A hybrid of Crocs and Five-Fingers, this newly designed footwear promises you a fondue-like experience for your feet. Except it’s not really cheese or chocolate. Let your feet enjoy what it feels like being a marshmallow or someone’s vomit.

FREE POT for the homeless. Dope!

Yes. We capped the headline. Berkeley City council promises free marijuana for their city’s homeless. “This is the responsible thing to do for those who are less fortunate.” We’re selling our home without a back-up plan.

How Stella the giraffe got her groove (and balance) back

Why does bread fall on the side with the spread? Why does R Kelly have a bladder problem? Why doesn’t Michael Bay make a silent movie? Why, why, why, do giraffes not fall over? Bone structure, obvs! Researches have hypothesised that the overall leg bone arrangement and ligament structure prevents their legs from collapsing over their immense weight, which can reach one ton.
Phys. org

It’s the weekend, now go fall over drunk, you giraffe. Goodbye!

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