With growing popularity on the web, GIFs are flooding our social media feeds. But Sydney-based illustrator Nancy Liang takes a traditional approach to a modern trend by creating her imaginative animations entirely out of hand-drawn sketches.

In an interview with Brown Paper Bag, Nancy explains the steps she takes in creating her GIFs. Working in layers allows Nancy to animate individual subject matters, drawing, cutting, pasting and shifting things around in a reiterative process.

All of my elements that move are completely hand drawn or hand made frame by frame. It can be very time consuming.Nancy Liang




The illustrator works primarily with kraft paper cutouts, discarded card and pencil drawings, which are carefully planned and sketched before being scanned and animated in Photoshop. Currently, Nancy’s unique GIFs find their way into collaborations with various poems and illustrated mixtapes.







For all her works, check out her Tumblr Over the Moon and Instagram page.

Images sourced and text reference from Colossal, Brown Paper Bag and the illustrator’s Tumblr and Instagram page.

Christian Russell Teo
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