Hilla Shamia Wood Casting 6

What happens when you pour molten aluminium into wooden logs? The answer is in Israel-based designer Hilla Shamia’s works, which straddle the realms of art and furniture design.

Rather frankly titled ‘Wood Casting’, Shamia’s works are a beautiful series of furniture designs created by combining cast aluminium and wood.

The molten aluminium seep through the cracks of the tree trunk, filling every crevice of the log to create the beautiful, distinct look that Shamia has come to be known for since appearing at Milan Design Week 2012.

It is worth noting that the molten aluminium actually burns the wood exterior – a comment, perhaps, on the necessary evils to preserve the natural form of wood.

As Shamia states on her website: “The negative factor of burnt wood is transformed into aesthetic and emotional value by preservation of the natural form of the tree trunk, within explicit boundaries.”

The result is a paradox of sorts. You’re not sure whether to classify her furniture designs as natural or artificial, since they feature elements of both. The angled, square shapes typical of your usual tables have an artificial, man-made feel, while the natural wood stands out in stark contrast, preserving a once-alive organism.

And just as it is in nature, no two products Shamia create are identical, breathing a uniqueness to each and every one of her works.

Shamia makes her return to Milan Design Week 2015 with  her ‘Or Brulée’ collection as part of the “Things of Edible Beauty” platform by Studio Appétit. The collection showcases works similar to her ‘Wood Casting’ works, only this time she juxtaposes wood with the colour black. Scroll down to view.

Hilla Shamia Wood Casting 1

Hilla Shamia Wood Casting 2


Hilla Shamia Wood Casting 4

Hilla Shamia Wood Casting 5

Hilla Shamia Wood Casting 7

Hilla Shamia Wood Casting 8

Pieces from Hilla Shamia's  'Or Brulée' collection
Pieces from Hilla Shamia’s ‘Or Brulée’ collectionIdo Adan Photography
Piece from Hilla Shamia's  'Or Brulée' collection
Piece from Hilla Shamia’s ‘Or Brulée’ collectionIdo Adan Photography

Images sourced and text referenced from DesignBoom, Demilked and the designer’s website and Facebook page.

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