BUENO: A cropped section of a pretty dope renditioning of the Mexico 70 World Cup, Jules Rimet Trophy and all.
BUENO: A cropped section of a pretty dope renditioning of the Mexico 70 World Cup, Jules Rimet Trophy and all.James Taylor Campbell

Football is a beautiful game – the World Cup the travelling play, the pitch the grand stage and the players the prima donnas whose roles determine each dramatic act that piques every single human emotion possible.

So it takes someone creative to reimagine the bill of each travelling play that happens once every four years around the world.

Invoking zetigeist, design culture, architecture and national cultures of the country’s time, creative director and graphic designer James Taylor reimagines World Cup posters.

Check out a selection of posters designed for 1930 to 2014. Brilliant stuff for the nostalgists. Check out the rest at the Pennarello website.

FIFA World Cup Posters
World Cup 1930: Uruguay
World Cup 1930: UruguayJames Taylor
World Cup 1934: Italy
World Cup 1934: ItalyJames Taylor
World Cup 1938: France
World Cup 1938: FranceJames Taylor
World Cup 1950: Brasil
World Cup 1950: BrasilJames Taylor
World CUp 1954: Suisse
World Cup 1954: SuisseJames Taylor
World Cup 1958: Sverige
World Cup 1958: SverigeJames Taylor
World Cup 1962: Chile
World Cup 1962: ChileJames Taylor
World Cup 1966: England
World Cup 1966: EnglandJames Taylor
World Cup 1970: Mexico
World Cup 1970: MexicoJames Taylor
World Cup 1974:  Deutschland
World Cup 1974: DeutschlandJames Taylor
World Cup 1978: Argentina
World Cup 1978: ArgentinaJames Taylor
World Cup 1982: Espana
World Cup 1982: EspañaJames Taylor
World Cup 1986: Mexico
World Cup 1986: MexicoJames Taylor
World Cup 1990: Italy
World Cup 1990: ItalyJames Taylor
World Cup 1994: USA
World Cup 1994: USAJames Taylor
World Cup 1998: France
World Cup 1998: FranceJames Taylor
World Cup 2002: Korea and Japan
World Cup 2002: Korea and JapanJames Taylor
World Cup 2006 : Deutschland
World Cup 2006 : DeutschlandJames Taylor
World Cup 2010: South Africa
World Cup 2010: South AfricaJames Taylor
World Cup 2014 : Brasil
World Cup 2014 : BrasilJames Taylor

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