We need to talk about Israel

What happens when you show sympathy for victims in Gaza or critique Israel in any way? Well, Jon Stewart found out the hard way – if you question Israel, you’re most definitely without a single-ingelest, icky lickle doubt in the world pro-Hamas. Watch the video.
Huffington Post

Tooth fairy now broke

Ashik Gavai, 17, sought medical help for a swelling on the right side of his lower jaw after suffering pain for 18 months. But after he was referred to a hospital in Mumbai, surgeons there were surprised to find “multiple pearl-like teeth inside the jaw bone” and a larger “marble-like” structure which they eventually had to “chisel out” and remove in fragments. In all, 232 teeth Ashik can now place under his pillow.

Microsoft unveils Halo: Nightfall trailer

At San Diego Comic-Con 2014, Microsoft has finally provided the very first look at Halo: Nightfall, the original new live-action show based on the sci-fi video game series. The show has Ridley Scott serving as executive producer, and based on this first glimpse it looks quite a bit like some of Scott’s earlier work, most notably Prometheus. Halo: Nightfall will be available in the US to Xbox Live users on November 11, as well as packaged with the upcoming re-release Halo: The Master Chief Collection.
The Verge

Israeli reservist refusing to serve

Whenever the Israeli army drafts the reserves — which are made up of ex-soldiers — there are dissenters, resisters, and AWOLers among the troops called to war. Now that Israel has sent troops to Gaza again and reserves are being summoned to service, dozens are refusing to take part.
Washington Post

New Fela Kuti documentary + soundtrack

Even if you haven’t had the chance to see director Alex Gibney’s new documentary about Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti, Finding Fela, one thing is already for certain: It has a killer soundtrack. A sprawling collection of transcendentally funky tracks that span Kuti’s revolutionary body of work, the double-disc set also features a previously unreleased live version of Kuti’s meditative yet scathing “Colonial Mentality.” The soundtrack is being streamed in full here; hopefully it’ll tide over anyone who has yet to catch the film.
AV Club

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