The business of rat hunting

Follow behind the scenes of a man who once collected scraps and garbage for a living to a more lucrative business – rat hunting. Mr Han, a father of three spends his night on the prowl for rodents scattering the streets before returning to his metal shack at the dumpsite to prepare the meat that are then sold for human consumption in countries like Thailand. It’s amazing what people can do for a living.
The Cambodia Daily

With Smartphones comes Dumbwalking

In the age of smartphones and tablet-PCs, we no longer walk with our heads-up with eyes “permanently” glued to screens. Perhaps the next time you want someone to look you in the eyes while holding a conversation, stick a smartphone to your forehead. Read more as one American narrates his experience with dumbwalking at the busy crossroads of Shibuya, Japan.
BBC News

Twisted images recreated from children’s nightmares

American photographer Arthur Tress turns nightmares into reality by collecting children’s accounts of what haunts their minds at night. What he created are a series of twisted images consisting of black crows, half gnome half human and grim reapers. Click here if you’re into sick twisted fantasies.
Bored Panda

Elite Female Fighters in Iraq

Made up of several hundred fighters, all volunteers, the band of sisters come together with guns to fight against militant jihads. Some have trained for more than eight years, others mothers. These combat ready soldiers are known as the Peshmerga are no different from male soldiers. Hitherto, the Peshmerga have been responsible for upholding the safety of the people in the Kurdistan region and are planning to venture further into disputed regions.
BBC News

‘Grief porn’ on the rise?

Is this a modern day phenomenon? What is the meaning behind the act of sharing sappy videos? Like the one featuring the reunification of a man and his pet lion or the one where Raju the elephant gained his freedom after 50 years of captive. Does this allow for a perceived sense of compassion by sharing or commenting? Is this the modern way of showing others that you too, have a heart? Well, read more about it here.
The Guardian


After a trend on twitter went viral mocking the rape of 16 year old Jada, she responds to twitter-sphere. The girl blacked out drunk at a party and only found out about her rape after videos and photos circulated the web. The trend #jadapose speak volumes about rape culture today and the willful ignorance that surrounds such monstrosity. Read more about Jada here.
The Daily Dot

Sex worker in Silicon Valley

With the recent alleged murder of a Google executive by a call girl in California, the sex industry has sank further into bad light. Maxine Holloway, a bay area sex worker speaks about her experiences with meeting the sexual needs of tech-clients and coping with the pressures of the sex-industry in todays world.

Japan authorities arrests ‘the vagina artist’ but gives the green light to phallic toys

Isn’t this similar to the #freetheniple trend that’s going on right now? Apparently, it’s legal for males to bare their nips, but not for females. Likewise, this Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi has been arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police in her bid to demystify female genitalia. Igarishi decided to elevate the vagina’s status by honoring it with a pop art piece. A vulvic-boat. But why are phallic penises allowed and not vaginas?
The Huffington Post

There’s a rational reason to why you always seem to be queuing behind the slowest line

According to queueing theorists, or mathematicians who study the behaviour of lines, they’ve the numbers to solve this mystery. Is it really all about probability and perceived waiting-time? Or is it really just the old-lady in line. Click here to read more about the logic behind how the universe conspires to make you wait forever.

Israelis pass the popcorn as they watch bombs rain on Gaza in their front row seats

It’s like watching reality front-row Black Hawk Down in 3D. “When the bombs find their targets, Mr. Krak reported, “cheers break out on the hill, followed by solid applause.” Follow the story here.
The New Yorker

India’s 75 million dairy farms tops the output of EU combined

It’s worth noting though, that most of the milk in India comes from buffalos, and not cows. However just last week, India has outbeat everyone else with China coming in after the USA. See the calcium statistics here. Moo.

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