For most of us, the turntable is nothing more than a DJ’s tool. It’s this… thing that plays vinyls, and makes ‘scratching’ noises that sounds pretty cool when laid over the tracks we’ve come to know and love. But the humble turntable is more than that. It has a rich history that goes way back […]

It was a sweltering Saturday afternoon and there was a slight buzz in the air at DECK along Prinsep Street. You wouldn’t notice it unless you actually walked in and read the sign that said Singapore Really Really Free Market. Wait, what? I had been to flea markets but a free market, in this day […]

Nothing is quite as ubiquitous as the migrant worker, especially in a modern country like Singapore, where a smaller labour force has resulted in a high dependency on foreign employment. So, yes, we see migrant workers everywhere as we go about our daily lives. But how do we see them? As unique individuals like you […]